The Journey Begins: Kylie Cosmetics Kris Collection

Hi! This blog is going to be dedicated to my love of makeup, beauty and fashion, with some other things thrown in. To kick it off I’m going to review Kylie Cosmetics Kris Kollection eyeshadow and lipstick from the mothers day launch.

I was sooooooooooo excited when this collection was shown to us on Instagram, the colours looked stunning and are exactly the shades I’m into at the moment. But, in all honesty, it was the packaging that really did it for me. Who doesn’t love make with a little bit of attitude? 20180606_133325[54].png

The Review 

Eyeshadow Palette 


The colours in the palette are amazing, the nudes, golds and purple tones would suit all skin tones and makes eyes POP.  They can be used for natural vibes or intense glamour depending on what you feel like. Personally, Vodka Tonic is my favourite, it comes up as a lovely rose gold on my skin and adds a little depth to a natural look. Very Nice is a close second when I want my eyes to stand out.



Overall, the pigmentation was good but certain shades like Very Nice and Haters felt flaky and had to be applied several times to build up the colour. This was super disappointing cause I ADORE anything glittery or metallic. I also noticed the metallic colours fade quickly when being worn. Sorry Kylie/Kris but if you want intense metallic colours check out Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal palette.

Bang for buck:

I expected a bigger palette and was really disappointed when I saw how small it was. It makes an awesome travel palette but the price was a bit high for the amount of product you get.

Overall: 7/10

Give Me A Kiss Lipstick



Hands up if your still looking for that perfect nude lipstick? I have one for you. Give Me A Kiss is a nude that, again, I think would suit all skin tones. The colour is natural looking, very pigmented and lasts for ages. The colour reminds me of MACs Teddy lipstick and has a creamy feel to it I don’t feel like it’s going to come off the minute I grab my morning coffee. It doesn’t flake off, I don’t need to layer on lip balm to prevent my lips drying out and it smells super nice as well. The packaging is the icing on the fabulous cake.


Bang for buck:

Again a little expensive but it has become my favourite go to lipstick and I’ve only owned it for less than a month! If you love it, buy it boo.

Overall: 9/10



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