Favs for the Face: What’s in my Beauty Bag

I often spend nights at my partners house and, me being me, I always feel the need to pack up most of my makeup and take it. Makeup my safety blanket, so there are days I feel panic when choosing what to take just in case I want to use it.  The worst part is the guilt of packing most of it and not using it, carrying it around in my bag for it to be shoved to the bottom. To solve this issue I have created a list of my top 10 makeup products (because I can’t stand the idea of taking nothing) when travelling or spending the night, guilt free.



10. Lipstick: You can never go wrong with packing a good nude!

9. Highlighter: Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Highlighter. The colour is a soft champagne shade that comes with an applicator for blending.


8. Eye shadow: The Momager palette from the Kris/Kylie collaboration and the Too Faced White Chocolate Mini palette are good to take away. Both palettes are travel sized and contain a good mix of colours. You can use neutral matte colours as bronzer or use shimmers to add extra sparkle to your highlighter.


7. Liquid Illuminator: NARs Orgasm. This product looks good on everyone and adds colour to the complexion.

6. Concealer: Just in case you want to hide some dark circles or spots that have mysteriously appeared. I use a cheap one, so it doesn’t matter if I use it or lose it.

5. Setting Spray: To make sure all of your hard work doesn’t fade away. You can find travel sized versions of your favourite spray in Sephora or Mecca.

4. Setting Powder: To set your liquid foundation or to use if you just want a light coverage for the day.


3. Foundation: Stila Aqua Glow. This foundation is buildable, so you can have as much coverage as you want with a flawless and radiant finish. The dropper applicator means you can control how much product you want to dispense so there’s little wastage.

2.  Primer: This is a must have for me, if you don’t feel like doing a full face but still need a little something a primer is a handy thing to have. I use the Napoleon Perdis Autopilot Brightening Skin Primer. It adds a soft glow to your complexion and feels silky smooth against the skin.

1. Mascara: My holy grail and the one thing I rarely leave the house without. Ciate London’s Wonderwand Mascara is  dark, buildable, adds volume and length. What else does a girl need?




Love, Erin xx.

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