The Lust List.

After spending my last few pays on festival tickets, makeup, shoes and food I figured it’s time to cut back on my spending—or at least try too. However, this decision doesn’t cut back on my desire to shop and buy anything sparkly. This is my current Lust List of things I want to buy but probably shouldn’t for the time being for one reason or another.

  1. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette.
$95 from Sephora.

I’ve had my eye on this beauty for a while. The colours look soooo amazing and every review is positive.  A good friend of mine told me she loves hers and she always feels creative when she uses it. I’m currently obsessed with watching swatches, tutorials and reviews about it.

The only thing holding me back is the hefty $95 dollar price tag but its lived in my online shopping basket for about a month now. Talk to me next month and I will probably own it.

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Palette.
Revealed on Instagram yesterday.

I’ve never owned an Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette and the Modern Renaissance has always been on my lust list until Norvina came along. The purple, pink, gold and nude tones caught my eye along with the fun colours. Just looking at the image I know Rose Gold, Celestial and Wild Child are going to be my favourites.

The palette has a good mix of shimmers and mattes allowing for versatile use for a variety of looks on all skin tones (shout out to Anastasia Beverly Hills for showing what the colours look like on everyone).

Some amazing looks are going to come out of this palette and I can’t wait to see what creativity it sparks in people. I’ll be saying good-bye to my paycheck the day this comes out!

  1. NARs Orgasm Lip Balm.

    $41 from Mecca.

I love the Orgasm Illuminator so of course this is a want! The packaging looks amazing, if a little chunky but if it’s anything like the rest of the range it will be well worth the money and wait.


Love, Erin xx

One thought on “The Lust List.

  1. I soooo was want that Huda palette but omg with that price I can buy two high end palettes.

    I have a new post up on my blog if you’d like to check it out. Would mean a lot (: 💗✨

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