My Favorite Holographic Makeup Products!

Holographic makeup is having a huge moment in the beauty world. The otherworldly, iridescent looks have  influenced an incredible amount of makeup brands to release mermaid, unicorn and fairy inspired products, filling our Instagram feeds with glittery, duo chrome looks.

Be the life of the party with a list of my favourite holographic makeup products.


  1. Kat Von D Alchemist Palette:

20180730_121403[112].jpgI love using this for a splash of colour on my cheek bones when I’m feeling a bit pale and drab. This eye, lip and face palette comes with four shades: Emerald (green), Saphyre (blue), Amethyst (ultra-violet) and Opal (pink). The formula is easy to blend and lasts all day on the face and eyelids. The first time I used it I couldn’t believe how pigmented it was and wore Amethyst as an eye-shadow to college. Ten hours later when all of my other makeup had smudged and faded it was still there.  I apply this using my fingers or a soft brush, mixing together to create a multi-dimensional look. As the palette and the pans inside are small, it’s hard to get lots of colour out at once, so you may have to dip  in a couple of times. The colours glow on the skin and are super pigmented, you don’t need much for a pop of colour.

From Left to Right: Saphyre (blue),  Emerald (green), Amethyst (ultra-violet) and Opal (pink).
  1. Ciate London Liquid Lip Chrome:

20180730_121323[102].jpgThese lip-glosses are amazing! The duo chrome  colours flip and change depending on the light and the colour underneath, creating a mesmerising look. They don’t feel sticky on the lips so you barely know your wearing it apart from a subtle vanilla scent but you do have to reapply as it wears off quickly.  Applied by itself, the gloss creates an intense shine on the lips. It can also be used as a lip topper over lipstick of your choice or as liquid eye-shadow. The shade ranges from intense, bright colours to nudes and browns depending on what you prefer. I currently own Luna, a nude pink perfect for day-wear and Zodiac, a two-toned purple which looks awesome at night.

From Top to Bottom: Luna and Zodiac.
  1. Too Faced Diamond Highlighter Powder:

20180730_121343[118].jpgA multi-use diamond fire highlighter with real diamond dust that is perfect for a subtle glow. Each highlighter is supposed to be unique, the diamond powder and light reflecting pear powder creating a rainbow in the skin. The overall affect is a pale glow that looks soft and sweet. The powder is not as pigmented as the Alchemist Palette but it doesn’t feel heavy or flaky on the skin. I often mix it with the colours from the Alchemist Palette to create an intense holographic look or apply on the collar bone for a sultry glow.


  1. Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye-shadow:

20180730_121314[101].jpgStila is known for their amazing liquid eye-shadows and their mermaid inspired duo chrome colours are no exception. Stila released three colours inspired by the holographic trend: Into The Blue: a deep blue with duo chrome purple tones, Sea Siren: a stunning lavender purple with light blue tones and Sunset Cove: a cool toned pink with gold tones. I currently own Sea Siren and Sunset Cove and I love to use them for a statement eye or as liquid eyeliner to spice up my look. Sunset Cove is perfect when you want a more natural glow, whereas Sea Siren adds a stunning pop of colour to your eyes.  The liquid formula means there is no fallout, it dries within minutes and the formula is super pigmented. I dab it on with my finger and slowly build the colour until I’m happy. Match these with the Ciate London Liquid Lip Chrome lip-glosses for a mermaid-like look.

From Top to Bottom: Sunset Cove and Sea Siren.
  1. Too Faced Magic Crystal Lip Topper:

20180730_121255[100].jpgToo Faced released their ‘Lifes a Festival’ collection earlier this year, following the fantasy theme on all of their packaging. Lifes a Festival is a large range of rainbow and glitter products adorned with unicorns for those who want everything they need for a festival look. I own the Magic Crystal Lip Topper in Fairy Tears. These glosses, like the Liquid Lip Chrome glosses from Ciate London, promise a duo toned look that can transform any lipstick. Fairy Tears is a stunning light yellow with pink tones, a little out of my comfort zone but perfect over a nude lipstick. The formula isn’t sticky and smells sweet. I reach for this when I want to add some shimmery dimension to my lips. As a bonus the packaging is also super cute, featuring tiny fairies and a holographic lid.


From subtle to stunningly sparkly I adore this trend and love using it in my day to day makeup as well as at festivals. Fingers crossed this list grows in the future.

Love, Erin xx




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