Huda Hype: Is the Desert Dusk Palette worth it?

The Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette has been listed as an essential eye-shadow palette for beauty junkies since its release. Last month I wrote about this product on my Lust List and I finally have one to call my own. For $95 from Sephora the palette has an amazing collection of colours that have you dreaming of hot summer nights in the desert. The colours are extremely pigmented, beautiful and fun to use.


Desert Dusk has a total of 18 shades; a mix of mattes, pearls, one pressed glitter and my personal favourite: the duo chrome colours. Warm toned palettes have been dominating news-feeds for a while now but the Desert Dusk Palette stands out from the crowd due to its mesmerising mix of pink, orange, red and purple tones that are different to other warm palettes such as Urban Decays Naked Heat.

As well as being stunning to look at, Desert Dusk is incredibly pigmented and versatile, allowing for the creation of more than one eye-look to suit your day to night makeup needs.

The Review:

The Packaging

The packaging for this palette is pretty, sleek and simple. It includes a lovely big mirror and is lightweight if you take it travelling and includes tips on the back on how to use it.


The Shades

The Desert Dusk Palette does not disappoint when it comes to how it looks in person. Each shade looks pigmented from the get go and the pearl and duo-chrome colours don’t skimp on the shimmer.



20180807_2101131292.jpgThe palette has some kick-back as shown above but it’s easy to pick up lots of colour in one go. The formula feels nice on the skin, however, the shades Eden and Amethyst feel chalky and really have to be buffed in to create a seamless blended look. The rest of the mattes are buttery and can be applied with a brush or finger depending on how intense you want it to look.

The pressed glitter, Cosmo, is also hard to apply without wetting the  brush first and falls apart when you use your finger. This is the shade with the most fallout. The duo chrome and pearl colours feel buttery when applied on the skin and the brush almost sinks into the formula. I found that I had to layer on the duo-chrome colours so they remained vibrant when blended out but after that the colour lasted all day and looked stunning.

Though there are a couple of disappointments, I definitely recommend this beauty for anyone that has thought about buying it.

Love, Erin xx



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