Holy Grail: Ciate London Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks

When the word ‘elegance’ comes to mind so do images of pearls, diamonds and Marilyn Monroe draped in wealth. Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks are the makeup equivalent of this; a symbol of girlish fun with a touch of elegance and sex appeal. If you are unable to buy diamonds, these liquid lipsticks are a girls next ideal best friend.

Ever since they arrived in Australia, Ciate London Glitter Flip Lipsticks are one product I cannot get enough of. Replacing the process of tapping glitter straight onto your lips, Glitter Flip was created to add an extra bang, the formula a metallic matte with an extreme glitter finish. Currently being sold in 17 shades, five with holographic glitter, these lipsticks are innovative, beautiful and one of a kind.

The packaging is simple but eye-catching, the lipstick tubes capped with sparkly silver lids and beautiful stars adorning the tube. They can fit easily into your bag or purse and look nice on display.

They are also vegan-friendly, paraben-free and gluten-free.

How to use:

  1. Apply your colour of choice with the dove tip applicator.
  2. Wait two minutes or until the formula is dry.
  3. Press your lips together and wait for the amazing, pigmented glitter to appear.

I currently own the shades Hollywood: a stunning cherry red with pink tones and silver glitter,


Fortune: a purple so deep it looks black with silver glitter,


Candy: a pale pink with subtle pink glitter,


and Undressed: a gorgeous pale nude with a slight simmer.


Due to the matte formula the product does feel dry and flaky on the lips. Make sure to exfoliate and apply lip balm before and after putting on the lipstick. The formula does flake off if applied heavily, particularly in the crease of the lips. The darker shades are hard to remove and need to be removed with makeup wipes. Hollywood and Fortune do bleed and are easily smudged before they dry so keep a makeup wipe on hand or use lip liner.

The more the lips are rubbed together the more intense the glitter becomes depending on how much ‘wow’ factor you desire. The formula lasts for hours and stains the lips so when it does come off the colour remains.

Hollywood and Fortune are perfect for night looks while Undressed and Candy can be worn to university, work or brunch.  The colours are extremely pigmented and have amazing coverage, so you won’t waste product.

If you love glittery, fun make-up Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks are a need in your makeup collection. Some makeup products are worth splurging on and Marilyn would approve .

Love, Erin xx



Note: Featured Image from Ciate London’s offical Instagram page.

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