Norvina: The Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a name that always appears on beauty-lovers lips and is renowned for their eyeshadow palettes. Norvina is one of the most talked about palettes of 2018, with 1,986,742 hashtaged posts on Instagram alone. The palette, named after the daughter of Anastasia, offers an explosion of colours from golds to pinks and purples, a fun change to the browns and oranges that have dominated social media feeds for so long. The selling point of this palette is the combination of 7 mattes and 7 metallic eyeshadows, something never done in an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.



The packing is simple but stunning. Like the other Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes the packaging is one solid colour that sets the theme of the product. The velvet feels soft under the fingers but gets easily stained and ruined. The palette contains a large mirror and a small, double ended brush. The brush is good quality, small, soft but enough to apply and blend the eyeshadow. Each eyeshadow also has its name printed underneath it. The names of the shades help to create the essence of the palette and adds oomph to the product as a whole.


Description of shades from the Anastasia Beverly Hills official website.

The palette has 14 shades in total and is cruelty free. When first swatched they are beautiful and pigmented. The tones are whimsical, the mixture of bold and soft tones creating a range of magical colours that are reminiscent of fairies and mermaids, minus the cliché packaging. The colour range also allows for exploration of creativity and fun. The foil colours look amazing and feel soft on the skin, the shimmers bright and the mattes dark to create a beautiful contrast.

Close-up of palette.

All of the colours in the palette feel like butter; easy to apply and blend. However, the shades look different on the eyes than in the palette, the tones turning darker. The darker shades, Drama and Passion look muddy and diminish compared to the other colours. The shimmers and foils are so soft if you apply the eyeshadow with your finger a chunk comes out of the product, Rose Gold in particular. Likewise, the colours have to be built up for an intense look; they fade quickly on the eye-lid. The 7 mattes in Norvina  aren’t true matte, they have the tiniest bit of shimmer in them.

Swatches of Wild Child, Celestial, Passion and Eccentric.

All of the eye-shadows have kick-back, in particular, Dreamer, Base, Soul and Love. When the brush is dipped in the colour explodes into a tiny cloud. All of the shades also have a lot of fall-out, leaving streaks of colour under the eyes if you do your foundation first. This is really frustrating; the palette has to be constantly cleaned so it doesn’t look dirty and it can make your makeup look messy.

Some tips and tricks:

  • Apply the shades with your fingers for more pigments, especially the metallic/ shimmer shades.
  • Do foundation after eyeshadow.
  • Tap off any excess product from the brush before using it.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer and touch up the colours before leaving the house. The colours fade and disappear quickly off the eyes.

Bang for Buck:

Norvina is my first Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette. It is beautiful and I adore the colours and how pigmented they are. I don’t feel I have to work hard with this palette, I can usually achieve the look I want without needing lots of time. The only issues I experience is the fall-out, kick-back, and the fade in colour, things that can be expected from an eye-shadow palette, but I didn’t expect from a brand like Anastasia Beverly Hills. I would recommend this for anyone looking at adding it to their collection.


Love, Erin xx

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