Summer Mood Board

The season of adventure. I might not be able to afford all of this but a girl sure can look. These are the trends I love for Summer.


Nudes, golds and soft pinks, reminiscent of a Summer sunset. The makeup I love for Summer reminds me of the season itself. Apply gold highlight to the high-points of the face to make yourself look kissed by the sun or add glitter to simple brown eye shadow to take it from day to night. Nudes are always a good idea.


Days spent at the beach, hot sun beating down on your back. Cool waves lapping at your feet, cocktails as the sun sets. I’m currently loving soft fabrics, lace and linen. Be chic in sandals or oh so vogue in all white. Add some leopard print for some attitude on a night out. A woven bag and sunscreen is a must have.

Love, Erin xx

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Hi! My name is Erin. I'm a freelance journalist and content creator based in Canberra. I have always loved writing and this blog is a place where I can explore my passions: beauty, fashion and more. By providing tips, tricks and talking about my own experiences I hope to inspire and support others with the same interests.

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