Glitter Storm: A Hint of Glitter-tude

Some things are just essential. 2018 brought the beauty world some amazing products that wowed some fans, divided others and showed new aspects of personality and diversity in the brands. However, as the year ends there is one new palette that is almost an essential. Glitter Storm by Ciate London is new, and stands out from the crowd.

Nine shades, varying from intense glitter to neutral nudes can be worn day or night for a natural look with the pow of glitter and sparkle.

Firestorm, Strike and Pandora, the three glitter shades that the palette were named for, are stunning and highly pigmented. They last all day and night on the eyes with little fall out; a need for glitter lovers. The shimmers, Interstellar and Solar are beautiful browns and are very on trend. They are easy to blend out and add a pop of shimmer for an otherwise neutral eye look. The nudes, like always, are satin soft and pigmented. Pair with a bold lip or tone it back with no lipstick at all. Simplicity was the key for this palette, including its small size. This ends with the exterior of the palette, filled with glitter, silver and pink stars, making it mesmerizing.

Every good beauty junkie knows simplicity with a pop of mesmerizing is what makes a look. Ciate London has created the essential, simple palette with the perfect amount of glitter-tude.

Love, Erin xx

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