Marie Claire in Canberra

On the 5th of April the talented women from Marie Claire came to Canberra for the first ever Beauty and Fashion Night at the Canberra Center. Lead by magazine editor Nicky Briger, the event featured styling advice from people in the industry along with a surprise guest.

The night was a dream, full of fashion and fun it was easy to get sucked into the world of magazines, fashion and beauty. It was almost like a real life The Devil Wears Prada moment minus the cerulean.

Fashion Workshop

The night kicked off with a discussion about the latest fashion trends. The fashion editors all stepped forward and told the audience their favorite trends and how to integrate them into your Autumn wardrobe all the while we slipped champagne. The Fashion Director Jana Pokorny, Senior Fashion Editor Chloe Buttenshaw and Market Editor Monica Russell stepped forward and updated the audience on their favorite Autumn trends.

Their advice on the trends for Autumn are:

  • Tailored suits are a must.
  • The trench coat doesn’t date and always looks good. Pair with a coloured clutch for a pop of colour.
  • White shirts are very on trend and a must have staple. Pair with vintage jeans.
  • Minimalism and simplicity is in.
  • It’s important to invest in good cuts and quality fabrics.
  • Jumpsuits always look fabulous.
  • The romantic feminine trend is very in.
  • Use earrings to elevate a simple outfit.
  • Dress up long skirts with a silk camisole and a pair of heels

Editor Nicky Briger loves the bohemian trend and suggests adding colour to your wardrobe. To her (fake) snake skin is also a must and is perfect for the office or to hit the town.

The fashion section was less then half an hour and personally I felt a little disappointed. I expected more then just a review of the trends seen on the catwalks, such as advice for dressing for occasions and more of how to integrate the trends into your wardrobe without spending your budget in one hit.

Monica Russell and Nicky Briger talking about the Romantic trend

To break up the sessions there was an half an hour break for everyone to visit the beauty bars, doughnut wall and drink complimentary glasses of campaign or begin to go shopping and use the discounts provided to us for the night.

The Beauty and Fashion Night Discounts

It added a feeling of elegance to the event and allowed all the fashion and beauty aficionados and fans to socialise with each other and the Marie Claire girls.

Posing in front of the doughnut wall with Samantha Rose from Tailored Talk 😍

Makeup and Beauty Workshop

World renound makeup artist Shella Martin hosted the makeup and beauty segment of the night. With over 18 years experience in the industry and working on clients such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner it was a celebrity level appearance in Canberra.

Shella believes blush is the key part of doing your makeup and needs to be played up this season. Her personal favourite blush is Beautiful Cheeks by Rationale. She talked about the trend of fresh glowing skin and how to change it from day to night by adding matte red lipstick and a cat-eye for a simple but beautiful look.

Shella Martin showing the audience how to change makeup day to night

Beauty Director Sally Hunwick and Fashion Director Yana Pokorny also ran us through the 3 day time trends this season:

1. Neutral smokey eye

2. Blush

3. Shots of neon

The artists also spoke about some of their favorite tips and tricks to achieve these looks, along with the products they suggest.

This event was a lot of fun but it could have been longer and focused more on advice rather then running through the trends. Canberra does not have a lot of fashion or beauty events and leaves the city out of the loop. There is a strong community of people in Canberra who love and enjoy these events and would support our economy if they continued. The people who are passionate about fashion and beauty would not feel the need to visit or move to Melbourne or Sydney.

One day I hope Canberra can proudly stand alongside Sydney and Melbourne and represent Australia’s fashion and beauty industry.

Love, Erin xx

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