The Magic of MECCALAND 2019

On Sunday the 18th of May, I was luckily enough to go to
MECCALAND, a festival for all things makeup and beauty. This year was the second year of MECCALAND and the event had over 40 brands present as well as special appearances and meet and greets with beauty vloggers and makeup artists.

Posing at the NARS booth

As a Superstar Pass holder I was able to meet some beautiful and amazing girls who work in the beauty vlogging community behind the scenes, including Sammy Robinson, Shani Grimmond and Lily Brown. I have always looked up to these women and seeing them in person made them real, rather than just faces on the screen. This was one of the most memorable moments of the event and something I will always treasure.

Sammy Robinson
Lily Brown
Shani Grimmond

The rest of MECCALAND was a blur of noise, people and products. All of the brands present, including NARS, Urban Decay, Too Faced, YSL, MAC, Stila and more had their own booths to show off new and popular products to the beauty lovers present.

Each booth had spots designed especially for the perfect Instagram moment and the promise of prizes to be won. Staff waited patiently to take millions of photos to help everyone get the perfect one.

The Frank Body booth

With five sections to vist, classes to watch and meet and greets to line up for, the day was jam packed. Samples were given out by the dozen and you could book in to get your hair done, have a skin consultation, or get some advice at each booth while on the mainstage masterclasses were held by makeup artists and beauty vloggers, sharing their best tips and tricks.

There was so much happening on the day it was almost overwhelming; you didn’t have time to really take in the experiences and enjoy the moment, you were always posing for a photo and then moving into the next thing. The music, neon lights and flash mobs made the day fun and kept the adrenaline pumpinh but by the end of five hours it became exhausting.

Overall, MECCALAND was an absolute blast and I loved every single minute. I was able to pick up some beautiful products including the NARS Orgasm Collection, a personalised Urban Decay setting spray and my own personalised YSL lipstick.

I hope Meccland can one day be held on a national level all around Australia so beauty junkies can experience it everywhere.

Love, Erin xx

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