Life with Venus

Lime Crime stands outside the box. As a cult beauty brand, known for their vegan and cruelty free products, their Instagram is full of colorful, artistic makeup looks, meeting their mission statement of creating products ‘that transport you to a magical world where you can express yourself unapologetically.

Among their cult status products is the Venus 3 Palettes. I purchased the Lime Crime Venus 3 Palette to test it out and too see if it lived up to the hype.

The packaging is cute and simple, the cardboard making it light to carry. The pans are quite deep as well giving you product for your money.

Venus 3 features eight shades the palette has beautiful pink and purple shades, including a mix of mattes, shimmers and dual chromes.

Dream is a matte rose pink. This shade is incredibly pigmented and looks beautiful. You don’t need much product on the brush to get an intense look.

Beam a dual chrome pink purple. This shade is very subtle and doesn’t have much pigmentation. Applied by itself you can barely see it but if you layer it over the top of other shades it adds a beautiful pop of shimmer. Applying it with your finger gives better payoff compared to using a brush.

Heavenly a dual chrome light pink and gold. It is also very soft and barely shows on my skin tone. Applied by itself it adds a subtle pink glow.

Rapture a baby pink shimmer with purple flecks. The palest of the shades, this one is quite pigmented. It’s easy to blend with other colours but the swatch barely shows.

From top to bottom: Dreamy, Beam, Heavenly and Rapture

Ecstasy a matte brown with purple tones. It is incredibly pigmented and feels soft on the skin

Paradise is a bright purple shimmer with purple flecks. It’s beautiful when swatched, pigmented and also easy to blend.

Bliss is a matte hot pink that is stunning on the eyes. Use Heavenly or Rapture to tone down the colour or apply by itself to follow the monochromatic trend.

Beloved is brown shimmer with pink flecks that is perfect for a smokey eye look.

From top to bottom: Ecstasy, Paradise, Bliss and Beloved

I was not disappointed with this palette. All of the shades have good payoff, and are easy to blend. You don’t need to use lots of product to create a beautiful look, cutting down on waste. The only issue I had was with the paler shades but the more I used them on my eyes, the more I liked them.

The palette is so versatile, it’s perfect for day or night looks and fits in perfectly with the trends of bright makeup or monochromatic eyeshadow.

I highly recommend this palette for anyone considering it!

Love, Erin xx

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