The Art of Procrastinating

(Artwork by the very very talented Indigo)

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down at my keyboard and written something for me. Life is a fickle mistress that likes to burst in when you least expect it and get in your way.

So to kick off my (slow moving) return, I’ve decided to write a post on the Art of Procrastinating (with beauty products) or as I like to call it, self care 101.

Here are my 12 steps to master the Art of Procrastinating:

1. Go through your room and swatch every eye shadow palette you own. Then put them all back, swearing to yourself that you will somehow use them all in the next day.

2. Spend 20 minutes choosing which face mask to use after showering.

3. Spend an hour Googling hair cuts without actually planning to change your hair.

4. Take an abundant amount of selfies. Delete them all.

5. Order more makeup (that you don’t need).

6. Order more products (that you do need).

7. Read the reviews of said makeup and products.

8. Paint your nails.

9. Change your mind on the colour and paint them again.

10. Shop online and add 10 things to your cart before removing them, until you have one thing left that you REALLY WANT.

11. Close your cart and leave that thing in there for a week until there’s a sale. Then spend an hour mentally fighting with yourself, asking if you do in fact, really want it.

12. Start writing that review/assignment that you’ve been thinking about for weeks. Once you’ve got a sentence down, go get a coffee.


Lots of love,

Erin xx

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