It’ll Do Magic Believe It or Not…

Bippity Boppity Boo! It’ll do magic believe it or not…

As a lover of Disney (and their princesses) since I was young, I was so excited to see yet another two collaborations between Disney and ColourPop appear on my Instagram feed. Capturing the magic of Disney and makeup in one, these collections are the perfect way for people to unleash their inner child.

In honour of their new Masquerade Magic and Frozen 2 collections I’ll be reviewing the OG, the Disney Designer collection.

When this collection was first announced, my first thought was “So this is love?” The packaging and the art all captured my heart and brought some Disney magic back into my life; letting me feel like one of the princesses I use to pretend to be when I was little.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on the collection when it first came out but I was lucky enough to pick the whole collection up on sale, giving me a crazy amount of products for little cost.

Before buying the Disney Designer collection, I have never used a ColourPop product.

Let the Magic Begin

The Disney Designer collection is massive; it includes 6 Lux Lipsticks, 6 Super Shock Shadows, 3 Ultra Glossy Lips, 2 Super Shock Highlighters and the It’s a Princess Thing Palette. I got all of these products for about $100AUD. At the moment Australia’s can buy the collection for $184.05 which is still a bargain!

Super Shock Shadows

The first time I swatched the Super Shock shadows, I was a little apprehensive. I’ve only used powder eye shadows so a gel hybrid was very new. However, after using them for a couple of months, I’m converted.

They’re beautiful. Each colour has an intense payoff with one swatch and they’re easy to blend and manipulate on skin.

So This is Love: A soft pink/rose gold with a frosted finish.

Heigh-Ho: Pearl white with a glitter finish.

A Whole New World: Lavender with a pink finish.

Under the Sea: Bright seafoam green with a glitter finish.

Almost There: Bronze with silver glitter.

Be Our Guest: Berry pink with a blue and violent sheen.

The Super Shock Shadows do crumble easily if dropped (rest in peace A Whole New World) but they’re still usable.

For the best results I recommend using your finger to apply these onto the skin and then blending with a brush to soften. Using an eyeliner brush you can also use the Super Shock Shadows as pigmented eyeliner. I personally love using Under The Sea for this, it makes my eyes pop.

So This Is Love, and Heigh-Ho are my favourite shades. They are incredibly wearable and I’ve chucked them on even when I’m not wearing foundation for a little hint of something on my eyes.

Top to bottom: Heigh-Ho, So This Is Love, Almost There, Be Our Guest, A Whole New World and Under The Sea

Super Shock Highlighers

For the Disney Designer Collection, there’s two Super Shock Highlighters:

A Smile and A Song: A soft pearl gold.

Part of Your World: A soft pearl pink.

I mostly use Part of Your World, but I love both. I love how they’re pigmented but look soft on the skin, adding a glow-from-within look that’s fit for a princess.

It’s a Princess Thing Palette

When I first saw this palette online, I was underwhelmed. Yes, it was pretty but I thought the colours had been done before. I’m not going to lie, I originally got it for the packaging. Covered in the ‘modern’ designer princesses and decorated with their signatures, it’s a symbol of childhood and adulthood; it’s like the princesses grew up with us.

The 15 colours are feminine and soft but she you swatch them, they’re beautiful. On the website the palette is described as “romantic neutral” which sums it up perfectly. It also helps that it looks good on everyone.

Image from

Grumpy, Abu and Triton do have a little bit of fall out, as do the shimmers (numbers 6-11 in the image above).

The thing I love the most about this palette is how it can transition from day to night. The colours also remain on the eyelid even after hours of wear. I highly recommend adding It’s a Princess Thing to your makeup collection.

Lux Lipsticks and Ultra Glossy Lips

The 6 Lux Lipsticks are named after the princesses and if that’s not cute enough, the packaging is adorable!

From top to bottom: Jasmine, Cinderella, Tiana, Snow White, Belle and Ariel

The colours chosen for each represents them perfectly. The only colours I rarely wear are Jasmine, and Cinderella; only because of how bright they look on my lips. Tiana is beautiful for winter but I usually reach for a more purple based burgandy.

The lipsticks are good quality for a cheap price, lasting longer then high end lipsticks. They also don’t dry the lips, which I love!

From left to right: Boo, Bibbidi and Bobbidi

Need a pretty gloss that’s pigmented, nourishing and actually lasts on the lips? Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo; the perfect trio has your back.

Bibbidi is a pretty sheer, shimmery gloss, Bobbidi is a stunning coral and Boo is a rose pink that all look amazing either by themselves for a barely there look or over the top of a lipstick for more pop. I use the glosses at when working for a natural hint of colour.

Top to bottom: Boo, Bobbidi, Bibbidi

It’ll Do Magic Believe It or Not...

This collection is beautiful. For the makeup lovers I recommend buying it for the quality and for the Disney lovers, buy it for the stunning art.

Individually, each product is good but all together it’s magic. Each product works with and flows into the next, allowing you to create multiple looks fit for a princess.

Love, Erin xx

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