Does Kylie Take the Cake? You’re $o Money Baby Palette Review

Kylie Jenner knows how to celebrate in style. From yachts to themed soirees, her birthday blowouts are something in to be in awe of .

Last year the beauty mogul turned 22 and to celebrate she kicked off the celebrations by releasing her You’re $o Money Birthday Collection. As the worlds youngest billionaire it makes sense that the theme of this collection was money.

The collection features 15 products including three matte lipsticks, a lip kit, a gold highlighting powder, three jelly highlighters, setting powder, a face primer, two shimmer shadows and a beautiful 16-pan eyeshadow palette. Each item is decorated with her limited edition packaging that match the theme. Kylie and money is the perfect combo after all.

You’re $o Money Baby!

The pressed powder palette is super sweet. The packaging, featuring green and hot pink glitter details, makes it feel luxurious. The size and the mirror on the inside make it perfect for travelling and I’ve often taken it in my makeup bag so I can do fun makeup on the run. The detail of the bank notes on the inside add a little extra omph to the look of the palette but it takes up essential space from the mirror.

A minor detail that I love is the names of each shade are on the front and back of the palette.

In total there are 9 metallic shadows and 7 mattes, allowing you to use You’re $o Money for a variety of looks. The palette can be used to transition from bright, glittery fun makeup to more neutral, subtle looks with the pinks and brown shades.

The shades in the palette are described below:

Kylie Colours.PNG

You’re $o Money Palette Shades according to Kylie Cosmetics

There’s not one shade that stands out, I love all of them. If I had to choose: Time For Cake, Time Is Money and Birthday Queen stand out; however what you see in the pan is not what you get on the eye. I found the green shades like One Hunnit looks different on the eyelid when swatched.

All of the mattes are incredibly pigmented, they feel buttery and are easy to blend. The metallic shades are less pigmented. I discovered when using Time is Money, the green flip would be almost non-existent and it would fade quickly.

From Top to Bottom: Time is Money, Birthday Queen, Stacks, One Hunnit, On a Budget, Bands, Twenty Two, Goal Setter

Twenty Two, Ballin Bae and Build Your Empire are very pale metallics; they’re perfect for super subtle highlights but not for a bold, glittery eye.

From Top to Bottom: Long Money, Work For It, Blue Faces, Ballin Bae, 22 Candles, Build Your Empire, Time for Cake, Breaking Records

I found the chunkier metallic shades like Birthday Queen, Time For Cake and 22 Candles would flake off the eye when applied with a brush. Blending these shades was also difficult, all the glitter seemed to disappear which was incredibly disappointing.

In A Money Mindset.

I also purchased the Money Mindset matte nude pink lipstick! The cardboard packaging the lipstick comes in is cute, I love the bank note look but the silver money symbols on the lipstick its self is awesome.

I was attracted to Money Mindset because it’s perfect for everyday wear. It not only goes with the collection, it would work with any makeup look. As Money Mindset is a matte formula, I find it super flaky and patchy when applied on the lips. Applying lip balm before the lipstick and then using a finger to blend it out helps a lot. However, I wouldn’t recommend this lipstick for anyone looking to buy it.

Taking the Cake?

Does Kylie take the cake with the You’re $o Money Palette?

While there were some disappointments with the palette, I love using it. I like that Kylie broke away from classic nudes and created something more fun. The shades are stunning and while some look different in the pan it doesn’t make them less beautiful. The flaky shades are frustrating but that just means putting in more work when using them. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy it. Kylie can have her cake and eat it too.

I’m just hoping that by using this palette and manifesting I can follow in Kylie’s footsteps and break records. A girl can dream, right?

Love, Erin xx