Q&A with Tailored Talk’s Samantha Rose

Bouncing up in baby pink jeans, a white top and glittery gold ballet flats, you can see why blogger, newsreader and fashion aficionado Samantha Rose is the Goulburn’s golden girl and a star on the rise in Canberra. 

Her fashion blog Tailored Talk and her beautiful, bubbly personality has helped Samantha become a style icon on Instagram with thousands of  followers that keep an eye out for her latest outfits and outings. Her page is uniquely her, full of pink and puns showing that humour and haute couture does go hand in hand. I sat down with her to talk about her blog and all things fashion. 

Why did you begin Tailored Talk?

I’m one of four girls and we all have different body types and it was really hard to find brands and clothes that were in season at the time that suited all of us. Tailored Talk was my way of finding brands, clothes or even beauty routines and products that make everyone feel beautiful. It was also a creative outlet while I was working with my parents at the cafe! 

Did you think Tailored Talk would become this popular? 

Oh God no! It’s a small little blog and I’ve got a fabulous, consistent audience that support me and I didn’t think it was going to get as big as it is. I’ve been so lucky that it has!

What is your favourite memory that has come from Tailored Talk? 

There’s a couple! Some of the events I’ve gotten to go to because of the blog have been amazing and I’ve been able to take my mum with me. Mother’s Day last year was really special at the QT Hotel and we both wore matching pink power-suits. That was really special, mum hasn’t had Mother’s Day off since they opened their store in Goulburn, which  was maybe 14 years ago. Then of course I got to take my dad to Father’s Day at QT as well. Whenever I get to treat someone I love and they get to experience that with me, that’s really memorable to me. And of course, any event where I get to meet someone new whether it’s from the Instagram family or a new business owner, someone that’s really passionate about what they do! It’s hard to narrow it down, but there’s a few  memories there. 

Where are you hoping to take Tailored Talk in the future? 

I don’t know! I’ll just see where it takes me. Eventually I could start a side hustle, like a business, whether it’s clothing or accessory products. That would be great because eventually I’d love to be able to work with my mum again  and I think we’d be great doing that together once she’s done with her cafe days which will be a long, long while away. 

What’s your current fave fashion trend? 

I love a good mum-jean at the moment. I think if you get a good pair, they’re super comfortable, you can tuck your t-shirt in so it’s really flattering and slim lines the body a bit. It’s also one of those trends that you can dress up! You can wear it with a beautiful silk shirt and a great pair of heels and roll up the ankles so it’s more tapered to your leg. Then during the day, if you can wear jeans to work, you can just pop on a t-shirt and a pair of Converse sneakers and you’re good to go. I love high-waisted  mum-jeans in dark denim, I just find them more flattering for girls like me with a pear shaped body. I also recommend pairing it with a cute little belt, there’s so many out there at the moment!

I also love the craze over accessories. I love the mini-bags, I love the hair clips, I love the layered necklaces. It’s so beautiful. 

What trends are you loving for Autumn/Winter 2020?   

I’m loving the trends that are trickling down from the upmarket, high-street stores down to stores I can afford, like Kmart, Big W, H&M. The silks, the lovely rustic colours and I love the midi-skirt trend! I think it’s so flattering. I think regardless of your shape or size and how tall you are, a midi-length skirt is a need. It finishes at the slimmest part of the leg and it’s so flattering.

Also, we saw it last year and it’s really big now, but I think we’ll see more hair-accessories and big headbands. If you look at Roxy Jacenko’s accessory line, more like that. Big, Blair Waldorf kind of headbands, which I love. I think that trend will continue as people come up with more creative ideas and the designs. 

Active-wear is becoming more on trend and I love that because it’s so comfortable! We’ll see more of that, especially from the awesome brands like P.E Nation. 

As for colours, the classic winter colours like maroon and warm rust colours, anything like that. Pinks, hopefully, as well!

What about shoes?

Oh my gosh shoes! I just want more bling on our shoes. I’m not a big fan of the birkenstock, I don’t mind a slide, they’re lovely but I’m always up for a heel. Eventually, if I can afford it, I’ll get my own pair of Sophia Webster shoes. I think we’ll see heading into Autumn and Winter, ankle boots will be big again. Not the super duper high boots but more practical, ankle length boots that everyone can wear everyday, whether it’s to work or going down the street with friends or kids. 

What’s on your wish-list at the moment? 

Oh golly where do I start! Sophia Webster shoes, the one’s with the angel wings on the back. 

Also, I have one and it was a gift, but I would love another Balmain t-shirt. I have a black one and it is so comfortable and so flattering. It’s one of those shirts that, when you’re not feeling great, you’re in a rush and you pop it on and you’re good to go. I can wear it to work and dress it up or I can dress it down.

At Wittner they have beautiful pairs of loafers with gorgeous tassel detailing. That’s look super cute heading into Winter and I could wear them to work with my mum-jeans and my t-shirts because no-one see’s me. And a good pair of jeans, I need another pair of jeans because that’s a staple for my wardrobe. Levi’s probably in dark blue denim, slightly high-waisted because I find that more comfortable and it tucks in my tummy.

What’s your go-to look? 

If it’s for work, I have a couple of t-shirts like that Balmain one. So a t-shirt, my mum-jeans, a cute little belt and a pair of sparkly shoes like the flats in wearing now, just to bling it up! If I had time, I’d just blow dry my hair upside down so it’s nice and fluffy. Wack in some dry-shampoo, put on some BB Cream, do my face. I also have my usually accessories, like my rings, watch and earrings that I wear everyday. 

Then if it’s for an event, it’s a version of that. A nice shirt with high-waisted jeans. I’m more confident when I’m comfy and I’m usually comfy in jeans and a t-shirt. 

Who are your fashion influences?

Blair Waldorf! I know she’s not a real person but hands down, I love her. Love the headbands, I love the mixed matched patterns, the colours. If I could afford her wardrobe that is what I would wear.

Blake Lively, another Gossip Girl connection. She doesn’t have a stylist and she always nails it, its always genuinely her. She always puts her own spin on things, she always stays true to what works for her best and she always looks fabulous.

I also love a Russian fashion blogger, Miroslava Duma. She’s a small, very petite lady but she always manages to wear these huge, beautiful garments and dresses and owns it, regardless of how big they are on her. She always rocks it. Some of her coats and shoe combinations during Winter Fashion Weeks are incredible. She’s amazing. 

I’m always stalking Lana Wilkinson, the stylist for Australia’s celebrities. She’s based in Melbourne. She’s styled Elyse Knowles and lots of WAGS. She’s just done her own shoe line, which is incredible, they’re also on my wish list.  Her style is super feminine but with an edge. She might wear a super soft Zimmermann dress but pair it with a killer pair of heels with a little stud on them. The way that she dresses people always accentuates their figure and regardless of how tall, small, big, little they are, they look fabulous. I love her style, she kills it every time. I also like that when she dresses herself, it’s really practical. She looks comfortable. 

How would you describe your style? 

It changes! It’s always been feminine. Lots of frou frou and lots of bling bling and I’ve always kind of been “more is more” which lots of people don’t like but it doesn’t matter because it’s not them wearing it, it’s me. I love a big bow, I love colour. I wear clothes that match my mood or lift my mood if I’m not feeling great, which is why I wear a lot of pink, because I love pink. I’d say feminine and classic but with an edge. I love a pair of mum-jeans with a soft linen shirt but paired with a bright, blingy shoe. That’s what works for me, it’s comfortable but still makes me feel pretty.

What do you look for when you’re buying clothes?

For me, I shop for my body type. When I’m out shopping I might see something, like a fabric or something blingy that I love but at the end of the day if its say, a tight top, that I know I’m not going to wear because I love my food, I’m not going to buy it. I love a tailored pant or a tighter pant, usually in a darker colour. I love soft flowy tops because I have big boobs, I have a bit of a belly and I love my food and that’s never going to change.

I look for things that I love. If I don’t love it, I’m not going to wear it. I make sure I try it on especially if it’s more than the usual $20 because I know I won’t return it. I’ll put it on and see how I feel and be brutally honest with myself and ask “Am I going to wear this?” Don’t get me wrong I have things that I brought just because they’re beautiful and I love to wear them around the house, I never wear them more than once a year because they’re so blingy. But I love them and they were so worth the money.

The stores that I love to go to aren’t up market. I love Zara and online I love DISSH and Petal & Pup which is a good go to for soft linen dresses. If I’m looking for everyday outfits, I try not to buy anything too bold or crazy because then I can mix and match with what I’ve already got in my wardrobe, which is easy if you’re in a rush. If you’re not feeling great or don’t have time you’ll have a few outfits you can put together. 

The ultimate thing is when looking for clothes I look for things that compliment my figure, my personality, what I love and makes me feel nice. If you feel like you look good, you feel good! 

Do you have any advice on how to shop for your body shape?

What I do for myself, is I look at past outfits I felt good in. I look at why it worked and that’s the same with outfits I won’t wear again. Use that approach. If you feel great in a crop-top and high-waisted jeans and that makes you feel fabulous, do that. 

I think also, look at your body type. I know with my sisters, my older sister Mikaela has a fabulous booty. It’s huge, it’s like a Kim K butt. I love it! She’s had a love-hate relationship with that because it’s hard to find clothes and jeans that fit her properly and sit nicely around her waist. So, like me, she’s learnt how to shop for that. My other sister, Alison has fabulous shoulders, she has a swimmers body. So for her, we avoid anything like a halterneck because it makes her shoulder look bigger. It’s finding what works for you and makes you feel great. Look back on outfits that make you feel good and replicate that, there’s nothing wrong with establishing your own sense of style because that’s you. 

Where is the best place in Canberra to find a bargain?

I don’t know Canberra that well! There’s some great little things in Vinnies that you can buy, especially the Vinnies in Goulburn, it’s great. In terms of hidden gems, I’ve got a couple of gorgeous shirts from the Designer Op Shop Emporium second hand and they’ve got some great earrings. If you’re a statement earring girl, there’s some from Luxe and Beau there. They’re really different and a little out of the norm from Lovisa or Colette. Other places for a bargain, Zara, H&M and Cotton On are great, I go to Kmart for basics. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look great! You may have a piece of clothing that cost $20 but if you take care of it and it suits you, then it’s going to look more than $20. You’re going to look stylish and classy. It’s all about how to wear it and how you style it. 

What do you think of Canberra’s fashion scene? 

I think it’s developing. Last year was really exciting with the first Meraki Canberra show. The amazing designers that are coming out of Canberra are so exciting and I can’t wait to see what Mary and Bianca do with that this year. I don’t know enough about designers here in Canberra but I want to learn more about it because there’s so many young, talented designers that are coming up. If they’re anything like Bianca they’ve got heaps to give, they have amazing style and amazing creativity and the world is their oyster. There’s also some great little stalls and shops here like Mussen BoutiqueThere are heaps of young women running small businesses that are killing it in fashion stakes and I can’t wait to see more of that in 2020. 

I also love that here in Canberra, there’s so many personalities on Instagram with so many different styles. I can just look through Canberra bloggers for style inspiration, I don’t have to look at international Instagram stars. I can get all the inspiration I need right here from the girls and boys that are doing their thing and rocking it. 

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I can’t wait to see Mary and Bianca’s Meraki Canberra fashion show this year! I think it’ll be bigger and better and just continue to grow. I can’t wait to have more events where I can get to know more of the Canberra fashion scene, whether it’s at the Canberra Center or the Canberra Outlet. I also can’t wait to see more of the small business owners in the fashion industry, see what their ideas are and watch them grow because I think what they’ve achieved is incredible. They’re going to become more popular and it won’t just be Canberra lucky enough to enjoy them. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

Just do you! Don’t worry about whether other people will like your style or not; it’s your style and people will love that you are confident in what you wear.