What Girl Can Resist A Little Glow? A Review of Huda Beauty’s Neon Obsessions Palettes

There’s something about having a glow. Some people love glitter or highlighter, but the braver of hearts are going neon. Usually associated with bad 80s clothes, neon has taken over. From swimmers to super model Kendall Jenner wearing a neon green top with black leather pants to modern two piece suits for the business savvy from White Fox Boutique, it’s here to stay.

Huda Kattan, Founder and CEO of Huda Beauty, has taken it one step further; she’s taken it away from the wardrobe and made it  wearable on the face.


The Pink, Orange and Green Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Palettes came out in 2019 and took beauty junkies by storm. They are beautiful and versatile, they can be taken from day to night, from simple to glam.

According to “Huda Kattan Talks Inspiration and Tips for Huda Beauty’s New Neon Obsessions Palettes” by Allure, the genius behind her Neon Obsessions Palettes was inspired by fashion.

“I was obsessed with accessories like the vintage Chanel Lego bag and how the neon acrylic looked lit from within. I wanted to replicate it for the palette packaging and have that tie into the inspiration for the shades as well.” she said in the article.

The packaging does look lit from within, the plastic practically glowing around the mix of mattes and shimmer eye-shadows. This is what caught my eye. As a lover of nude eye-shadows the colours in the Neon Obsessions Palettes were out of my comfort zone but, what girl can resist a little glow?

I brought the Neon Pink and Neon Orange palettes to see if they would get a glowing review.

Neon Pink

This is a 90’s Barbie girls dream palette! The Neon Pink Palette is beautiful. It has a mix of warm and cool tones, from hot pink to a lavender shimmer, keeping neon fun and wearable.


The palette has five matte shades:

  • Rose Matte: A medium, warm pink.
  • Hot Pink Matte: A medium-dark, warm pink.
  • Bright Fuschia Matte: A medium-dark fuschia, with cool tones.
  • Magenta Purple Matte: A dark magenta with cool tones.
  • Lilac Matte: A pale lavender with cool tones.


Each shade is buttery soft with amazing pigment. Not much product is needed for bright colour pay off! The colour lasts on the eyelid and looks brilliant on the eye. The only problem I had was they stained the skin a little, making the removal process a little harder. 

The shimmers are a bit more subtle. Or as subtle as neon can be.

  • Light Pink Shimmer: A cool, pale pink.
  • Lavender Shimmer: A warm lavender with hints of pink and violet to blue shimmer.
  • Violet Shimmer: A soft lavender with cool, pink tones with pink to blue shimmer.
  • Hot Pink Shimmer: A bright fuschia with cool, blue undertones.


I love the pearly finish of the shimmers, each one reflecting multiple colours.  They look beautiful as a topper or when used for a halo eye. They are best applied with the fingers, when applied with a brush the shimmers disappear.

There was barely any fallout from this palette making it a dream to use.

Neon Orange 

Like my favourite cocktail, this palette is a beautiful tropical mix. I often wear oranges on my eyes, so stepping it up and making it brighter was fun! This palette is  also the more versatile of the two; the combinations of oranges, pinks, purple and yellows making it easy to create many different eye looks with 9 shades.


The Neon Orange Palette has 6 matte shades:

  • Yellow Matte: A bright, warm yellow.
  • Firey Orange Matte: A bright red-orange.
  • Light Orange Matte: A pale orange with yellow undertones.
  • Purple Matte: A bright magenta pink with cool tones.
  • Peach Matte: A peachy orange with warm tones.
  • Pink Matte: A bright, medium pink with warm tones.


When applied, the mattes look translucent on the skin, unlike the Neon Pink Palette. The Light Orange Matte is the most translucent. The payoff is still bright, it just means more product has to be applied to the eyelid. The mattes are soft and feel buttery on the skin. Like the Neon Pink Palette, the mattes stain the skin, Purple Matte is the most difficult to remove.

The palette also has three beautiful shimmers:

  • Orange Shimmer: A light orange with warm tones.
  • Pink Shimmer: A warm pink with lavender shimmer.
  • Yellow Shimmer: A bright yellow with green tones.


The Yellow Shimmer is the brightest of the three, looking amazing on the skin. The Light Orange is incredibly pale, making it perfect if you just wanted a subtle shimmer. Like the pink palette, they are best applied with the fingers.

The Neon Orange is my favourite of the two; I often use it when I want bright orange eyeliner or to add a pop to a neutral eye.

How Did It Glow? 

For the braver of souls, the artists or those who want to try something new, Neon Obsessions will help you glow.

Love, Erin xx

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