Global Beauty Day

The beauty industry has never been truly diverse.

There has always been communities of people who have been ignored by the beauty industry because they are not apart of the mass. As social media connects us more, customers have more of a voice to stay what they want and expect from the industry. A perfect example is how incredibly fast Fenty Beauty’s dark foundation shades sold out when the brand first launched in 2017. The iconic moment dominated news in the beauty industry and opened up a conversation about how brands could follow in Rihanna’s footsteps. The big players in the beauty industry were shown that there is a need for diversity in makeup to suit individuals and people are willing to pay.

While this conversation is still going, this April 1st is a celebration of  inclusivity in the beauty industry; it’s Global Beauty Day.

Created by in-cosmetics Group, a British company dedicated  to allowing the ‘global personal care ingredient community to interact, conduct business, network and learn, whether face-to-face or online,’ Global Beauty Day is a celebration of diversity.

This 1st of April, in-cosmetics Group are calling on the beauty industry to celebrate the different genders, identities, ages and ethnic groups that love makeup. According to their website, they will be involving  research houses, brands, formulators and exhibitors at their global exhibits to talk about inclusivity in the cosmetic industry. 

It’s great that a brand that connects to over 40,000 cosmetic industry professionals as well as ingredient suppliers, fragrance suppliers and more are talking about topics such as LGBTQ+ Identity, gender and skin types and colours in the industry.  It’s important that brands like this are demonstrate the importance of inclusivity, because it shows other brands they need to pay attention to the demands that are coming from their consumers. in-cosmetics Group believes there needs to be a new industry standard for cosmetics.  I agree. Brands like Fenty Beauty have set the standard in creating products that suit a larger portion of the makeup and cosmetics industry, but big brands are still not meeting the demands of their customers.

The best part of Global Beauty Day is it is also a celebration of brands and industry professionals that are listening to their target market  and catering for a diverse range of consumers. Makeup and beauty products should be accessible for anyone to use, no matter their gender or ethnicity. I’ve previously written about how makeup makes me feel confident and I strongly believe that everyone who wishes to use makeup products should feel the same. Global Beauty Day is something that should have happened a long time ago, but it’s still worth celebrating.

So pull out your favourite products that make you feel good, write a comment to your favourite inclusive brand or scroll through Instagram and look at some of the incredible makeup artists that are out there. It’s Global Beauty Day and we may be stuck at home but we can still show some the beauty world some love.

Love, Erin Xx



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