Spotlight: Collagen

Collagen: the magical supplement that offers an inner and outer beauty boost. It’s filling our insta feeds and making its way into our smoothies, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Before Kourtney K began to praise the powder, I had never heard of collagen. I thought taking it was something that went hand in hand with old age, like taking more vitamins or tablets to help with heart burn, but I was wrong (You can read why 41 year old Kourt thinks ‘Collagen Is A Vibe’ here). Call me easily influenced but as it began to get more popular it began to wonder, what is it and why bother taking it?

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found in the body making up to 25% to 35% of all protein in humans. It provides structure to the body, creating that “bounce-back” quality for our skin. It makes us appear youthful and vibrant, but it also strengthens our bones, ligaments, and tendons and makes up parts of vital organs throughout the gut and digestive system. The body naturally creates collagen but over time production decreases which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

According to Adore Beauty collagen supplements are normally made from animal tissues such as the bones of cattle, however there are also lots of vegan options available in the market. Other ingredients that can be found in collagen supplements include Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to assist in heightening the efficiency of the supplement.

Why Take It?

Taking collagen is not necessary, but it assists hair and nail growth and promotes healthy skin. As a little bonus it also keeps you fuller for longer, lessening the chance of a giant snack attack at work.

I began taking powdered collagen to improve my nail and hair growth. If you’ve read my blog post on how I removed my acrylic nails myself, you know I have incredibly weak nails and am always looking for ways to help strengthen them. Collagen and nail treatments seemed like a good way to start.

What Brand Should I Try?

Dose and Co is a New Zealand based company that ‘believes in nourishing the body from the inside out, with effortless, everyday self care.’ Founded by Libby, the idea came to her while searching for healthy supplements.

“I noticed many were loaded with fillers, dodgy sweeteners and all sorts of nasties that outweighed the benefits of the supplements themselves. Plus the packaging was often plastic-heavy and I struggled to justify the damage to the planet that purchasing these products would inevitably do. As a new mother I also wanted products that were safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.” she says on the Dose and Co website.

The result was a range of collagen supplements has been praised by people around the world, including Khloe Kardashian, who loved their plastic free approach to packaging as well as the product itself so much that she invested in it. Dose and Co has a range of products including delicious collagen creamers, collagen powder and unflavoured collagen.

Personally, I use the vanilla and caramel dairy free collagen creamers. Made from coconut milk they are an amazing and delicious blend of healthy fats to help support a healthy gut. I add a tablespoon to my yoghurt in the morning to fill me up and for some sweetness to start my day!

Does It Work?

Dose and Co (and collagen) is as amazing as it sounds. After using it for over 3 months, I’ve noticed a glow in my skin, my hair is healthy, and my nails are so much stronger. Since taking collagen supplements I have also noticed my body recovers more quickly from intense workouts. Like skin-care products, the results are not instant, they require consistency and devotion. Before taking collagen I recommend doing some research to find the best product for you, but the hype is right.

Love, Erin xx

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